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Giradischi Mediterraneo
Una creazione ispirata dal nostro territorio e che fonde bellezza e perfezione tecnica in uno strumento musicale unico.

Design italiano
Una creazione ispirata dalla tradizione artistica della Firenze rinascimentale fondata con i gusti e l’innovazione tecnica di oggi.

Materiali pregiati
Legni scelti per l’elevata stabilità ed elasticità, conferiscono a Mediterraneo caratteristiche strutturali ideali e un look inconfondibile.

Motore con micro-controllore
Equipaggiato con un motore sincrono a 12V, è pilotato da alimentazione proprietaria gestita da micro-controllore che regola elettronicamente la velocità 33/45rpm.

Pronto per suonare
Grazie al pacchetto completo offerto con il giradischi che include il braccio B-5.1 e la cappa para polvere rimovibile in plexiglass realizzata a mano.

Our premium turntable strikes the eye thanks to its delightful Italian design bringing in mind the breathtaking Tuscan landscape. With its perfect and harmonious look, it will immediately become the center of attention of any High-End sound system just like master pieces do. Its voluptuous shape recalls the beautiful Renaissance bridge “Ponte Santa Trinita” crossing the Arno river in the heart of Florence. Created by the Master Michelangelo, the bridge’s catenary curve provides incredible strength and unmatchable elegance, an intuition that we transferred to our turntable design, producing outstanding audio results. Listening to your favorite music will transport you to the most beautiful city in the world, Florence, letting you enjoy your music collection as never before through this unique and fascinating Italian source.

The Mediterraneo turntable shows with a superb aplomb all its Italian flair and distinction coming from its strong Tuscan origins, combining pure beauty to the greatest attention for technical perfection. This turntable comes from our Florentine roots and elevates itself far beyond the simple musical dimension: it’s an ode to musical passion and dedication to vinyl.

Every detail of the Mediterraneo enhances the turntable’s ultra-rigid structure resulting in a refined technical innovation achieved through elegant smooth lines. The 60mm thick curved plinth design is based on the Catenary curve, a highly efficient concept developed by our greatest inspiration, the Renaissance pillars, artists and scientists Michelangelo Buonarroti and Galileo Galilei.

Made of aged Italian walnut hardwood, the chassis benefits from the quality of such a unique and noble material: exceptional elasticity, strength and high density. The triple plinth structure is reinforced by a compelling 20mm board in polished acrylic and a 3mm thick stainless steel board to improve its exceptional dampening quality and stability. The wooden base sits on three large elegantly shaped and adjustable spikes made of anodised aluminium.

The 45mm thick high-precision platter made of Ultra-Dampened POM is belt- driven and powered by our very best proprietary control system developed on a Quadral-Core micro-controller enhanced by an audio converter. The power control reshapes the AC wave to perfectly drive the 12V synchronous motor removing vibrations while improving its torque to deliver the greatest dynamic and the finest detail. The Power Supply Unit electronically controls the 33,3 rpm and 45rpm mode as well as the fine speed adjustment, storing all settings into memory.
The Mediterraneo features a 60mm long bearing/spindle design with the best coupling tolerance. The spindle is made of the hardest rectified carbon steel to achieve perfect working fluidity. The bearing system is made of polished bronze guaranteeing the smoothest platter rotation.

Designed in complete coherence with all the other elements, the precision B-5.1 tonearm equips the turntable as well as a custom made transparent dust-cover with hinges for easy removal. Upgrades are possible with the B-7 high-precision tonearm made of ceramic and titanium. Also included in the package is the high-quality external power supply PST-1, with a grounded IEC plug that allows using the favorite AC power cord in order to ideally tune the audio performance. The turntable can also be taken to its pinnacle with the optional super external inductive power supply PST-10.

Adding one of Gold Note’s high- performance MC or MM cartridges, the Mediterraneo will become the true High-End analogue solution made in Italy, responding in a spectacular way to the highest expectations about sound, craftsmanship and mechanical fine tuning.






33⅓rpm e 45rpm ±0,1%


electronic with fine pitch control


70 shores rectified EPDM belt


12 Volt sincrono ad alta coppia


POM spesso 45mm ultra-smorzato


Split-Spindle™ clamping design


Tungsten 5mm ball bearing


Gold Note B-5.1 (or opt. B-7 Ceramic)


transparent acrylic with hinges


Power supply: 18V output
Power consumption: max 27W
100-240V, 50/60Hz


PST-10 external inductive power supply for turntables
B-7 Ceramic high precision tonearm


470mm W, 210mm H, 360mm D


20Kg netto
26Kg confezione

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