Testina Grado OPUS3 - Timbre Series
Testina Grado OPUS3 - Timbre Series
Testina Grado OPUS3 - Timbre Series


Testina Grado OPUS3 - Timbre Series

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Modello:Low Output 1.0mV

Testina Grado OPUS3

Bringing extreme levels of clarity over the full frequency range, the Opus3 bridges together entry-level and mid-range. The Opus3 is the easiest way to enter the family of our wooden cartridges.

Bridging the Gap

The Opus 3 was built specifically to bring the entry-level and the mid-range phono cartridges closer together, creating an even tighter ecosystem of cartridges. We worked on the Opus3 knowing we wanted to have a cost-effective wooden cartridge while at the same time taking advantage of the techniques and processes used in the higher-end models.If taking a step up in your turntable setup is on your to-do list, start here.


Body: Maple Wood

Cantilever: Aluminum / Elliptical Diamond


High 4.0mV @5 CMV (45)

Low  1.0mV @5 CMV (45)


High Output 55mH

Low Output  6mH


High Output  660 ohms

Low Output   70 ohms

Input Load: 10k-47k ohms

Cartridge Weight: 8 grams

Tracking Force: 1.6-1.9 grams

Compliance: 20μm/mN

Channel Seperation: Average 30db - 10-30k Hz

Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 kHz

Non-Sensative to Capacitive Load

Builds: High Output, Low Output, Mono

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